‘Magic Box’ by Alexa Allen – at home early 2015, way before I started busking!

I had a monumental meltdown in 2007/2008, bloody terrifying, which was the catalyst for almost a decade of intense awakening and mental health issues.

In the midst of this breakdown I called for help from the Goddess realm, using my Goddess oracle cards, and I pulled out cards, one by one, asking them to tell me what to write.

Each card ‘told’ me a line . . . I just sensed it come in, so I wrote them down. I was then guided to put it to music, which I did that same night and recorded it.

That recording was listened to by myself many many many times over the following months, when I was in my absolute darkest phase of life ever. It truly saved me, over and over xx

I’m rambling a bit at the beginning of this video! x

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